The UINL endorsed the World Bank "10 Principles on identification for sustainable development: toward the digital age"

Last May 10, 2018, the UINL Steering Committee, gathered in Abidjan, agreed for the UINL to subscribe to "the 10 Principles on identification for sustainable development: toward the digital age", issued by the World Bank. 

The UINL is very implicated in the promotion of the civil status and proof of identity as this is the most fundamental right of any human being, the first step to access other rights and services. 

Notably, a great work is done in developing countries to register and give proofs of identity to children who were not declared to the authorities after birth, and thus were not existing for the administration. 

Moreover, one of the missions of any Civil Law notary around the world is to verify its users’ identity, to prevent any fraud. 

For all that, the UINL totally supports the World Bank Principles on identification and ratifies its preliminary words: 

Without proof of identity, people may be denied access to rights and services—they may be unable to open a bank account, attend school, collect benefits such as social security, seek legal protection, or otherwise engage in modern society (…)
The organizations endorsing these shared Principles recognize the potential of strengthened identification systems to support development and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that creating inclusive, secure, and trustworthy identification systems can empower individuals and enhance their access to rights, services, and the formal economy. (…) However, at the same time that building identification systems—particularly digital ones—creates opportunities to further development goals, it may also create a number of challenges and risks. 
This Declaration therefore identifies a set of common Principles fundamental to maximizing the benefits of identification systems for sustainable development while mitigating many of the risks

The full document, endorsed by the UINL and several other international organizations, is available here


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