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On 27-30 November 2019, the Indonesian Notaries Association (INI) will have the honor and distinction of being the host for the 29th International Congress of the International Union of Notaries (International Congress of Notaries) in Jakarta, Indonesia.


This event, which is held every three years, is the most important in the activities calendar of the International Union of Notaries (UINL). The event includes the presentation of the management report of the sitting president, the election of a new president, and discussions on important issues regarding notarial matters at the global level.


The International Congress of Notaries is a special congress as it will be held in Asia for the first time since UINL was established, and Indonesia is especially proud to be the host in convening the International Congress of Notaries. Participants of the Congress, usually held in Europe and the Americas, comprise representatives of notary associations from at least 88 countries, and will significantly raise the prominence and role of INI at the international level. No less than 500 foreign notaries and 1,000 Indonesian notaries are expected to attend this International Congress of Notaries.


It is a noteworthy event not only for the UINL along with notary members in Indonesia and around the world, but also for the Government of the host country. This is where the congress will introduce international level studies and discussions featuring pressing issues regarding the important role of notaries in supporting policies and direction of development from the Government, and endeavors to address the challenges faced by Notaries as well as Governments in the face of the various demands and developments in this era.


The upcoming International Congress of Notaries features the following two overarching themes and panel discussion themes through studies that the Congress Commission and UINL Themes have already started preparing:



A number of academics, practitioners, and experts are being prepared and panels formed for speakers to present and share their expertise, experiences, and knowledge at the International Congress of Notaries.

Sponsoring this International Congress of Notaries is an exceptional opportunity for INI partners and associates. It is not simply a matter of promoting organizations or corporations sponsoring the event, but more importantly, it is support for convening meaningful discussions and studies in the notarial field, along with policies and development direction from the Government of Indonesia concerning law, business integrity, and equitable development.




UINL is a non-governmental organization that was established by 19 countries in 1948 and currently boasts 87 member countries. This organization aims to prioritize, coordinate, and develop the functions and activities of notaries around the world by upholding the ethics and independence of notaries in order to provide better services to the general public.


The UINL has a Steering Committee that consists of 28 advisors. The highest power lies with the General Assembly of member countries where each country has one vote. The UINL also has a General Council comprising 172 individual members and work groups as well as Continental and Inter-Continental commissions that encompass scientific (research and training), strategic (organizational development), economic (collaboration and activities), and social (human rights and social protection) fields. In addition to these permanent commissions, there are also ad hoc commissions to address international issues such as persons with disabilities and anti-money laundering regimes along with the funding of terrorism.




INI is the only institution of professional notaries that is autonomous and independent in performing the duties of General Officer and has been established since 1 July 1908.  INI is recognized as a juridical entity (rechtpersoon) in accordance with a Government Decree (Gouvernements Besluit ) Number 9 dated 5 September 1908.


INI officially jointed as the 66th member of the International Union of Notaries (UINL) on 30 May 1997 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In 2004, INI became host to the Asian Commission of UINL and led the commission as President in 2016-2017.




Below are interesting facts in connection with the 29th International Congress of Notaries to be held in Jakarta, one of the highlights or important events on the UINL calendar:





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27-30 november '19
Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia.